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Maria Sharapova Still Playing Tennis of the Day

Maria Sharapova was a big deal a few years ago. Since I’ve stopped following the tennis circuit because I am not a Wasp with a Volvo and white shorts. I do however appreciate any sport where women don’t have to be transformed into dudes to be pro but can still be sexed up in little skirts, with little panties that always end up getting a little wet spot on them by the third set of screaming and moaning like bitch is getting the biggest dick of her fucking life with every serve…

Sure Sharapova isn’t as appealing as she was, but I’m sure there are obsessive compulsive virgins out there who still wear her signature tennis line while jerking off. So l’ll put this out there for them…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Pobs

    Maria Sharapova plays Tennis? When the fuck did that happen?

  • Drunken PIG

    Wheres Kornholekova??

  • cowbulls

    Long, long athletic legs equals great sex.


    Three gaylords, Drunken you have to be the biggest loser out of the three if you know a tennis players name.

    I never saw the appeal in this bitch, She is a skinny little piece of air that plays tennis.

  • zzzzz

    thanks for the pics,..i´m a virgin and a like to jerk to maria 🙂