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Serena Williams is s a Monster in a Bikini of the Day

This is the shit that inspires horror movies or at least Halloween costumes cuz it just doesn’t look human and scares the fuck out of me, but apparently it is human, but not the kind of human you’d want to see on the beach in a bikini or really see anywhere outside of her cage out of fear the thing will attack…Seriously, she is so scary, that like Moses, bitch can part the sea as even it knows it’s something it doesn’t want to fuck with, now I don’t know if that makes sense, but I do know that these pictures of Serena Williams don’t make sense, this is supposed to be an athlete, and by the look of her and her growth hormones that went totally wrong in terms of the way she looks, but I guess went terribly right in terms of winning matches against skinny blonde society girls who make up the tennis circuit and they put up against this shit and the worst thing in all this is that these pictures got me hard….

Pics via Bauer

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Monkeys, surprisingly are good swimmers.

  • Anti-Racist

    Wow, what a racist you are.
    I think she looks good 🙂

  • Dan Carver

    The looks good for a gorilla.

  • AngryInch

    Looks good for a post op tranny

  • Expletive:BMP

    Women are dames, even if they’re built like they could beat the living shit out of little white folks, or virginal black folks, they’re still awesome in their own right. Serena Williams looks as if she could not only beat the living shit out of any one who gets in her way, she has the body that says she could beat the living shit out of my virginal cock, which is always a good thing.

  • Drunken Pig

    I was not aware that GORILLA’S were so fond of the water??..guess I should pay more attention when Animal Planet is on tv!!

  • cowbulls

    She’s a genetic freak as her cock fell off at some point.


    Serena is looking good here, before she looked like the incredible hulk, which she still does but seems to have slimmed down a bit.

    Giving this woman babies would probably get me a Heisman trophy winner. Sexy Clydesdale stag of a woman get me a Kobe Bryant son and live off his winnings when he gets into the NBA.

    She probably could body slam me into next year, but thinking about naked body wrestling with this woman is getting me excited. I am man enough to take care of that sexy brown booty.

  • B-Side

    ANY DAY OF THE WEEK. She is AWE-SOME. A female athlete who STILL has mighty healthy T&A. LOVE. IT.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^B-Side..if messing around with GORILLA’S is your thing..there are plenty of beastiality sites out there!!

  • Im sick of racist white comments about the black female body. This is natural and she probably no bigger than a size 8 in person. She just puts on muscle mass. Duh! Shes an athlete. News flash white people: Thin white waif is not attractive to everyone. It looks sick. People of African descent have a little moremuscle mass than whites/ asians who also have the highest occurances of osteo persosis. Get over yourselves. Your concept of beauty is fucked!