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Selena Gomez in a See Through Shirt of the Day

I don’t really know what all the rage about Selena Gomez is, but then again, I’m not 12 and I’m pretty out of touch, but I do know that if I was 12, I would just think of her as a second rate, maybe even retarded looking version of a Venessa Hudgens, only she doesn’t get naked, yet…but this selection in shirts is probably a good preview of what’s to come, because you know as people get older and more irrelevant, they have no problem leaving exposing their vaginas in order to get any attention to have just a taste of what they once had…and here she is in her see through shirt…next time let’s just hope she loses the bra…cuz retarded looking girls with a lot of money nipple is better than no nipple….True Story…seriously…if you don’t believe me…google that shit…you’ll see I’m right.

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    I admit watching Wizards of Waverly Place on occasion and entertaining sexually deviant thought’s about violating this little tramp!!..is she 16 yet??

  • TO:Drunken Pig

    actually, she’s 17 and she’s going to be 18 LOL
    And what? Maybe she lost her bra in the plane (or whatever she was)…?
    and basically it’s black color..you can’t see anything throw it … So.. like, was that really necessary?

  • …..


  • sexy

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  • LouRob

    Difference between Gomez & Hudgens is that Selena Gomez can actually act.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^That’s a bonus..but not really necessary for their porn career’s!!

  • M3

    There was an interview she had with Ryan Seacrest where she sounded pretty eager to hook up with Shia Lebouf. Ryan asked if she didn’t think he was a little too old for her, she laughed and answered “not at all.” Ryan said “but he’s almost 30,” and she insisted “NOT at all.”

    Her momma better check that fast-tailed girl.

  • nic

    all teenagers dress like that. whats the big deal? she was wearing a bra. what do u want her to do? walk around in a nuns hobbit? what she wears is her choice, to jeer and masturbate to her, whos underage still btw, is completely unnecessary.

    also, stop writing all ur shit in one single hugeass sentence. its retarded. start using some periods, thanks.

  • Vito


    and nic, i hope like god that was supposed to be ironic, correcting someone’s grammar like that.

    if i may: “ur” is not an an appropriate abbreviation for “your”. It is “you are” as in “you’re”. and that’s even the generous l33t definition too.

    what, exactly, is a “nuns hobbit”? Could you maybe mean a NUN’S HABIT
    let me just point something out about that capitalized bit —-> ^ ^^^

    so the carets (yes, thats what the little up arrow things are called) point to the corrections i have taken the liberty of making. the first indicates an apostrophe, that funny little thing that looks just like a floating comma. it is most frequently used to show possession (as in nic’s hypocrisy is rampant) and to indicate a contraction of words has occurred (as in don’t = do not or he’s = he is). Clearly, you are totally unfamiliar with the use thereof as they are featured nowhere in your scintillating contribution.

    Now let’s examine the other carets and the difference between habits and hobbits.

    a habit is a garment worn by members of certain religious orders.
    a hobbit is a small person with furry feet that live in burrows.

    most religious habits are associated with the catholic church or branches thereof.
    most hobbits are associated with the shire, tolkien, D&D, elijah wood, and furry feet. Their religious affiliation remains unknown.

    Bam. that’s how you correct someone’s grammar. Learn to troll, n00b.

  • stfu

    I just read Vito’s long post, not sure why.

    Who is this broad anyway?

  • Who?

    She’s not going to let Miley get all the attention now. she wants to get her nipples out too and all the teens dress like whores now.