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Kendra Wilkinson is Built like a Midget of the Day

The paparazzi followed Kendra Wilkinson to the Grocery Store, a store she should probably staying the fuck away from based on her horrible new body, but I guess hanging onto the little fame she had for being in Playboy is worth the embarrassment. I’ve never found her hot, I always thought her body was awkward, she looked like trash and there was nothing interesting about her, but I know you idiots eat up everything you see on TV and probably think she’s amazing, even with her ripped open pussy and sloppy stomach, her short limbs and midget stance…and most importantly…her retard inbred face….Shit looks more cross eyed and contorted than a redneck at a backwoods gas station who comes from a long line of inter-family marriage….and here are the pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • stfu

    She just had a baby asshole and i’d still hit it after paperbaggin her.

  • the truth

    She’s done – she’s got fat chick legs!!!! lol

  • roscoe

    watched that playboy show a couple times and I think this chick is mentally challenged…ie a retard

  • Drunken Pig

    Always wanted to do a midget..and this fat titted inbred retard is as good as any..cue the banjo..hey I can rest my beer on her head while she suck’s my dick..bonus!!

  • ken

    yuck, piling dozens of frozen dinners in her cart. No wonder she looks like crap.

  • kathie!

    She seems to be wearing Britney Spears favorite 7-Eleven outfit.

  • jm16

    Her fake right tit points up and her fake left tit points sideways,and she smokes,so,she’ll reek like an ash tray.

  • haha.. great britney comment. she does have the ability to snap into shape, cuz before baby she was fit. she has the build to drop the weight and get back into a bikini soon.

  • JJ

    Wow, you people are unbelievable. What gives any one of you the right to judge the way another person looks. Are you that perfect. You should look to find the beauty in every person and Kenda has alot of beauty in her instead of looking to find the bad or critisize others. Would you not want the same for yourself when others are looking at you!

    Grow up!

  • curious

    jj you are wrong, these people,i.e. Kendra and her ilk, are attention whores who thrust themselves into the limelight, specifically by showing her vadge, and sleeping with an 80 year old man. That kind of scrutiny is the only attention she’ll be getting for a while, and the credo any attention is bettter than none holds true here i think.

  • jdeel

    hmm no brain big tits me like