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Kendra Wilkinson is Built like a Midget of the Day

The paparazzi followed Kendra Wilkinson to the Grocery Store, a store she should probably staying the fuck away from based on her horrible new body, but I guess hanging onto the little fame she had for being in Playboy is worth the embarrassment. I’ve never found her hot, I always thought her body was awkward, she looked like trash and there was nothing interesting about her, but I know you idiots eat up everything you see on TV and probably think she’s amazing, even with her ripped open pussy and sloppy stomach, her short limbs and midget stance…and most importantly…her retard inbred face….Shit looks more cross eyed and contorted than a redneck at a backwoods gas station who comes from a long line of inter-family marriage….and here are the pics…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Girl Grinds a Midget at Some Jamaica Reggae Party of the Day

I have a serious love for Reggae, Dancehall and Jamiaica. I think it’s gotta do with the simulated sex dances that are more pornographic than the white boy clubs, there’s more soul and they don’t discrimiate because a few minutes in you’ll see a Midget in a wheelchair getting a grind. The whole thing is amazing.

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A Little Midge Tit for the Midget Lovers of the Day

I have a friend who is obsessed with midgets. He watches midget porn. He watches that Little People Big World TV show. He talks about midgets all the fucking time. It’s actually fucking uncomfortable how much he is drawn to midgets.

I thought he was joking at first, but as months turned into years, I realized that he’s for real and he’s even saved up money from collecting cans to get his ass to Orlando for the Little People convention this year, he’s supposed to get me video, so brace yourself for good midget content.

His logic is that fuckin’ them is like fucking a 5 year old, which to me isn’t a good thing, but to him, excites him since his dick looks porno sized, and he can flip them in ways a normal sized person can’t be flipped. He also figures they don’t take up too much room so they’d fit perfectly in his studio apartment, they probably don’t eat too much, making them affordable, and the whole thing works for his modest lifestyle.

So I am posting this Debbie Lee Carrington for him, because a successful Hollywood midget is better to get off to than the local midget in leg braces with bucked teeth who he terrorizes, but can’t manage to convince to fuck…so this midget in video is the cream of the midget crop for a midget lover. Good times.

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Jodie Marsh and Some Weird Monster of the Day

Here is a picture of Jodie Marsh with some Save Tango midget painted orange, I have no idea what this is all about and I am really not about to go find out, because that would involve doing work, but I do it is a British thing and British people are fucking weird.

I also know that it is involves people painting themselves orange, and there is no doubt in my mind that when the people painting themselves orange are midgets, that they are actually getting paid to get exploited to do the shit, so they stand out and slutty lesbian attention whores make an effort to get a picture taken with them, not because it’s not everyday you see a midget with a painted face like some kind of clown, not that they have many other career options, they are fucking midgets, but because when you’re Jodie Marsh, it’s hard to find someone more orange than she is….

If I had a midget, I’d exploit him too. I’d constantly make him give me stand up blowjobs and treat him like my whore, pretty much all the time, from the minute I let him out of his cage, my dick would be in his mouth, and it wouldn’t be gay, because everyone knows midgets aren’t human. That’s like calling an old farmer gay for fucking the male sheep. Everyone knows that’s not true…

Okay, enough of this stupidity, now go look at Jodie Marsh’s stupidity…

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Miranda Kerr Funny Picture of the Day

One of these things is not like the other or some shit and that is why this picture made me laugh. It’s got pretty much nothing that you’d want out of a picture of a swimsuit model, like her wearing some bag-lady clothes in some stupid pedicure sandals she stole for the Korean nail lady but there’s a fuckin’ midget in the background and whenever I see midgets I always get excited. I think it’s because I used to fuck around with a midget chick when no other girls wanted anything to do with me and she was always eager helping my non existent self esteem. The other thing that helped my self esteem when rollin’ with her was how my dick always looked so big in her little midget hand. It made me want to join the circus and never get with regular sized girls ever again because I couldn’t deal with their judgmental ways, but instead I ended up with a girl 3 times my size and now have to live with my mistake for the rest of my worthless life. I guess the good news is that I will always have pictures of Hayden Panettiere to remind me of what once was…..

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I am – Hayden Panettiere is My Little Miss Sunshine of the Day


I went on a walk to get away from my wife earlier tonight and I found myself walking into a construction site without realizing it because the fuckers had the sidewalked blocked off like people didn’t need to use that shit or something and in protest of them being assholes who inconvenience me, I decided to walk through the site. Nothing was going to stop me, until I almost got run the fuck over by a bulldozer and the first thing that came to my mind was Hayden? Why you trying to hurt me.

Lucky for you, I escaped unscathed, but I almost got in a fist fight with the construction worker who was driving the bulldozer, because I told him that just because he’s a highschool drop out doesn’t mean he has to take out his rage that life didn’t work out for him on me. He didn’t take it well and got in my face, he definitely would have beat the fuck out of me, because he spends his days lifting heavy things and had bigger arms than Hayden, while I spend my days sitting and recovering from hangovers and was already out of breath from trying to walk….but I made things good with Hayden by telling him that I dropped out of high school too, we high fived and I am almost feel over, then I went on with my life and he went back to his bulldozer that I also named Hayden.

Either way, here is the star of my construction working experience where she played both the bulldozer and the burly construction working dude at the same time and now she’s wearing some ironic T-shirt….what can’t this beast do, she’s gotta be a machine and not just because she’s built like one. If you’re wondering why her shirt is ironic, it’s because I saw the movie and it was about some ugly fat girl who wanted to be a beauty queen, and Hayden is an ugly girl who thinks she’s a beauty queen, it’s be like me wearing a shirt that said, Fat, Mexican, Poor and Limp….but different.

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