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Girl Grinds a Midget at Some Jamaica Reggae Party of the Day

I have a serious love for Reggae, Dancehall and Jamiaica. I think it’s gotta do with the simulated sex dances that are more pornographic than the white boy clubs, there’s more soul and they don’t discrimiate because a few minutes in you’ll see a Midget in a wheelchair getting a grind. The whole thing is amazing.

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Slow Friday Needs Some Dutty Fridaze Dance Party Makes it on TV of the Day

I love dancehall, I am just too scared to go to dancehall parties because I am not into getting stabbed. That’s not a racist comment, a racist comment would have been that I am too scared I’d have to eat fried chicken and I’m on a fuckin’ diet. The energy is fucking insane, it’s creative sex simulation and it’s made better when Screech and the kid from the Partridge family spit their 2 cents on the shit.

I guess when you’re party is so outrageous that it makes it on TV, it’s a party worth checking out. Dutty Fridaze in LA, put me on the list, I’ll be the guy dressed in full armor.

If that’s not enough for you to get this Friday party started, watch some psycho japanese beatboxer who proves asians are fucking robots….yes, I hate beat boxing, but this is pretty insane….

This post was brought to you by worldstarhiphop even though those fuckers don’t pay me or link back to me despite all the love I give…write them an email. Thanks.

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How About Some Crazy Jamaican Dancehall Whores Acting Insane…of the Day

This is a video of some crazed Jamaican Dancehall dancers doing some pretty erotic dance moves in their bathing suits with no music on. I’ve never been to Jamaica but I have seen some friend’s resort video that was pretty much a compilation of the staff of the resort simulating hard animalistic sex with tourists, I’m talking girls pinned up to the fucking wall getting dry humped harder than Chris Brown hits Rihanna and this video is a step up from that. My favorite part of it is the Bike Tire to Pussy Move…

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