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Serena WIlliams Big Ass is on the Beach in a Bikini of the Day

I used to hate seeing Serena Williams on the beach in a bikini because I found it unnatural, scary, disgusting and a whole easter basket full of things that weren’t good, but she’s conditioned me by getting out in her bikini as much as possible so that I’m used to it, kinda like how I am used to seeing my wife’s shit covered ass so I don’t gag anymore, but what I’m sure her boyfriend still hasn’t quite got used to is how she likes to choke him out with her huge cock….but seeing her ass compared to a normal is pretty spectacular to those weird motherfuckers who are obsessed with ass so much that they don’t care what the ass is attached to so long as it is big ,but even the 300 pound dude in the pics has no idea what the fuck he’s lookin’ at, probably because she was born male but her dad modified her in the garage so that the kid would win women’s tennis, a pretty white yet lucrative sport before he broke down the boundaries and seriously took the fuck over and making himself a lot of fucking money in the process, something worth turning your kid into a monster….and here are the pics..

Pics via Bauer

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  • Expletive:BMP

    Serena is a solid fucking gal, you dimple do fuck-wads, just look at her; built to perfection with ass for days, fuck you small butt liking gay muthafuckas! Even the white girl’s bottom is nice and fluffy, good times!

    So before the amazonian woman haters come out, a preemptive fuck you!

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^STFU BMP and take your med’s!!
    That is some kinda MONSTER!!…go go go…GORILLA!!

  • Bob Smith

    “Serena is a solid fucking gal”

    Well, she’s got a build like a woman you’d hire to pull the plow. And all that cellulite and pimples on her ass.

    I gotta ask you, does your mom look like this?

  • Expletive:BMP

    ^^^The only person finer than she is, is Kim Kardashian. Kim’s an eight and she’s a seven and a half, but, what an awesome seven and a half she is. She’s such a dimple bum gal isn’t she?

    No matter how hard she is, in these fucking mitts, she’d be pliable, to say the least as I blow bubbles in that ass for days. Her and Kim K, i’d be all up in their ass blowing raspberries. And only 5’9″ 150 or so, fuck to my 6’4″ 328lbs, she’s a lil thing, i’d pick her up and chicken wing them legs whilst sucking on her cunt hole, good times.

  • Dog Murderer

    All that talk about Serena, and you overlook the slice of deliciousness behind her in the middle of the second row of pics.

  • Glen Quagmire

    Goddamn ! That bikini must be made of kevlar.

  • Perv

    Man, I would fuck just about anything but even I draw the line at that man/bitch/tranny.

  • Bob Smith

    If you’ve ever been around a girl with a turdcutter like that, you know the ass is so big they can’t even wipe properly, so there’s usually little pieces of crap stuck in there.

    So the idea that someone would “blow bubbles” is so ridiculous… I’m guessing you couldn’t get near her ass anyway because of the smell.

  • Drunken Pig

    Bob this is BMP your talking about..don’t waste your time!!

  • beavis

    I might be down, except for that’s not fat it’s rock hard muscle. So she would have to pay.

  • cowbulls

    There isn’t enough vodka in all of Asia to get me to get within 10 yards of that gorilla.

  • nunya

    that fat guy in the back makes my cum spurt out all ova ur face nigga