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Amanda Seyfried Sex Scene in Chloe of the Day

I saw this movie Chloe the other day on cheap night because my pervert friend wanted to see Amanda Seyfried naked and that perverted friend was me. She’s hot and after seeing this, I may be in love with her or at least with her tits, which is saying a lot, because I fucking hate all celebrities.

I like that she’s smart with her career because she takes the money from the fluffy bullshit roles that normaly kill careers when they replace you with another fluffy bullshit actor, but still gets naked in other roles, keeping her shit nice a diverse.

I also like that Lohan hates her because Lohan knows she’s a threat and because she doesn’t answer Lohan’s calls, cuz despite being on Mean Girls together, she knew Lohan had shit on her…

Here are some of the Chloe scenes I loved her tits in….

Here is the Julianne Moore lesbian scene….

Part 2….

Here are some other nude scenes…..

Here is a sex scene with some dude….

Here’s some Julianne Moore tit in a shower scene….

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  • Amazing Larry

    I applaud her getting naked while her junk is still tight and young instead of waiting ’til the roles dried up like her body & then trying to cash in on them. Naked is for the young not the old, wrinkled & desperate.

  • LolleyGagger

    I know they wear modesty pouches & Vagina/Anus covers for the girls but to have Amanda Seyfried squirming on top of me & tits bouncing in my face would have me shooting all over the place doing a scene like that, no matter how many times I flogged the dolphin beforehand.

  • Erswi

    I cannot be the only one that notices that Hollywood lesbians always fuck with their hands am I?

    Dammit, I still wanna see Gina Gershon banging Jennifer Tilly in the cornhole with an 18 inch black cock of doom!

  • Carlos Spicy Wiener

    I’m so fucking downloading this movie.

  • nihao

    whats to download?
    you have seen the bits that matter. It looks a pretty shitty movie anyway.
    Haven’t you discovered porn yet?

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^Good point..never understood why people waste 2+ hrs watching some shitty movie to see some bitch nude for 2mins!!

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  • blahblah

    well that was a fucking let down, no real clear shot of her tits, it was all basically side boob, FUCK YOU HOLLYWOOD

  • Assbestos

    Boring. She even looks bored while doing that stuff.

  • hua

    why can’t I have her? I really,really want her. Why can’t I have her? But it’s ok. I can watch her over and over and over again. But I still want her. She is blonde viagra.

  • jessica

    was that last shower scene with Julianne Moore about to go into a masturbation scene. Why not show that one also.

  • Bobby

    Those are NOT her tits. I’m willing to bet she wasn’t even near the set when that shot was filmed. In Dear John, those aren’t her tits either. I worked on that movie and she wasn’t on set or even in Base Camp when that scene was shot. Show me a picture of her face and her tits at the same time. She has a body-double.

  • Buster Hymen

    Thanks a lot @Bobby . Destroy all the illusions will ya. I don’t want to know how a magic trick is done. Just show me the trick.

    I don’t care anyway. I say those -were- Amanda’s tits.

  • B1-66ER

    I just saw the screener today. Its actually a pretty deep movie, besides my baby Amanda. Julianne can act her ass off, and its got a good flow. I’d give it an 8.

  • This chick is really crazy. I think she’s cool enough

  • just reminds me something,btw some more photos would be great!thanks


    I LOVE THE CRAZY ONES!!! like on that new phone commercial, vergin or something like that… anyway crazy chicks are the best toscrew and you know that you can say all the fucked up shit you want to them when you drunk and they’ll probably stay with you because the shit they’ll say is worse!!!!!!