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Brooklyn Decker Doin’ It Wrong on the Beach of the Day

This is the SI Swimsuit Covergirl on the beach….and she’s dressed to go on a brisk fall hike, or maybe to go join the lumber industry in the north to cut fucking trees, or to even build a fucking snowman on the year’s first snowfall….It’s disappointing, especially since her tennis husband is running around topless, something she should probably take his fucking lead on, but unfortunately, she seems like the kind of model who looks good when she models, with all her hair and make-up done, but like shit in everyday life, leading me to believe that maybe someone was paid off by the tennis champ because he wanted the disappointing pussy he accidentally locked into to be a covergirl at least once in her life….it makes him feel better about himself….and here are the pics of this cunt mocking us….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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