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Kate Bosworth Bikini Pictures of the Day

Kate Bosworth has something hot about her. Maybe it’s her face, or her bank account despite never getting work, but I like to think it’s got more to do with her not being fat. Sure in not being fat, she’s pretty much got no tit, but with all the jacked up hormones in food and obesity, sometimes no tit is a fucking luxury, cuz big sloppy tit are often a sign of disgusting….but then again, I have an anorexia fetish…

Small tit is only a sign of ghetto shit when it’s on a fat chick, because there’s something totally unnatural about the shit, like bitch was lives under powerlines or near the nuclear plant, or has a diet of high chemical junk food that distorts her genetic code, leaving her fat, flat and awkward looking….and unfortunately for me, one of them is my fucking wife and her 48 A cup bra….like some horrible curse from God…and further proof I fucking suck at life….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Drunken Pig

    Yes indeed..she’s hot..and being a good girl servicing dick!!..yeah I never under-stood how the fuck a broad can be fat yet have no tits??..it’s a double whammy!!

  • Sookie

    Good to know Skarsgard is sticking his douchy dick into the anorexic bag of bones

  • Bob Smith

    I like how Kate know how to please a man even in public.

  • Perv

    Tits or not, this chick is hot! And that ass is smoking. I would toss her salad anyday.

  • nunya

    What ass?

  • Mandog

    Na super da geilen sich die Fragles aber auf was? Sowas ist doch Allt├Ąglich