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Audrina Patridge and her Boyfriend Look Like Clowns of the Day

I guess the common thread that brings these two lovers together and keeps these two lovers together is that they both understand what it’s like to be second rate celebrities who slowly fade into obscurity no matter how ridiculous their hair is.

Sure, Audrina is still on TV and still relevant as far as she’s concerned because she’s still on TV, but that’s all coming to an end. I know there are rumors about her getting her own spinoff show, but that won’t last, if anything that’s just the nail in the coffin of her bullshit celebrity….and I guess she’s hoping that when she slowly falls from her peak, she can rely on this clown Ryan Cabrera’s cock being there to land on, since he’s got little else goin on…but I like to think he’s just moving in on this now cuz he figures the last year will be the one everyone is watching and this may just be his stepping stone to get back to where he left things off back when he was fake-dating Ashlee Simpson….while real celebrities just ignore him…

Here are the pics of these idiots looking ridiculous.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • Drunken Pig

    Guy look’s like a dork..but Id fuck the bitch sense-less!!

  • KAG

    He looks straight out of a cartoon, but damn she is looking good

  • Drunken Pig

    Nice pant’s Faggot!!

  • I jerked off to a photo of Ryan Cabrera this afternoon and blew a load right across his face.

    He liked that. Oh yeas, he did.



  • alex

    Definitely “shits weak.”

    But you gotta hand it to him, that jackhole is bangin that hot piece of plastic ass.

  • Bob Smith

    what’s with that dude’s hair? Did he mean for it to look like that?

  • cowbulls

    It is too late Drunken Pig. The good news is she doesn’t have to have sense to spread her legs, relax her starfish or wrap her lips.

  • Sherman Oak

    His hair is like that because he is trying to make himself look taller. The dude is only 5’2″.

    BTW, Ryan Cabrera’s house on Knoll Drive was foreclosed last month.

  • stfu

    Who the fuck are they and why is his head freakishly large compared to his 8 year boy like body?

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