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Audrina Patridge and her Boyfriend Look Like Clowns of the Day

I guess the common thread that brings these two lovers together and keeps these two lovers together is that they both understand what it’s like to be second rate celebrities who slowly fade into obscurity no matter how ridiculous their hair is.

Sure, Audrina is still on TV and still relevant as far as she’s concerned because she’s still on TV, but that’s all coming to an end. I know there are rumors about her getting her own spinoff show, but that won’t last, if anything that’s just the nail in the coffin of her bullshit celebrity….and I guess she’s hoping that when she slowly falls from her peak, she can rely on this clown Ryan Cabrera’s cock being there to land on, since he’s got little else goin on…but I like to think he’s just moving in on this now cuz he figures the last year will be the one everyone is watching and this may just be his stepping stone to get back to where he left things off back when he was fake-dating Ashlee Simpson….while real celebrities just ignore him…

Here are the pics of these idiots looking ridiculous.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some London Fashion Week Weirdness of the Day

So all you fashionistas probably already know that it’s fashion week in London…or maybe that it was fashion week in london…that it is going to be fashion week in London and some weird Goth clothing company had this fashion show, that was topless, see thru and all around weird.

Now I’m the kind of guy who hates fucking vampires and obscure kids in black who hate the world and shoot up schools, but I do like tits, and in not wanting to perpetuate this men in platform shoes and make-up, industrial music bullshit, I tried to not post these pics, but the tits won this fight, again.

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