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Madonna Doesn’t Look Like Madonna in Interview of the Day

Here’s a jacked up Madonna who doesn’t even look like Madonna because they’ve edited her face into something almost worth fucking…this is so photoshopped that they should have just hired another model to stand in and call her Madonna, and maybe that’s what they did because I don’t see any rippling muscles or haggard face and really…if I was Madonna in all her disgusting glory…I would probably do the fucking same cuz who wants to deal with the truth of how you actually look….in a hide the mirrors in your house and only let trained photographers with high powered computer skills take pictures for you…cuz that way you can play make-belief since you don’t ever have to look at yourself…good fucking deal….

So if jerking off to Madonna is a childhood memory, this could be your last chance to revisit those years, unless you use youtube or the internet from screencaps from that movie she did called “SEX”….

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I am amazed to find that there actually IS someone more boring and less relevant than Kim Kardsashian.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  • Kenny Powers

    That bitch looks like a ugliers amy winehouse

  • stfu

    Spell check anyone?

  • Elliot

    Not actually that photoshopped, you can see the indent of her fishnets on her stomach in the fourth photo.

    It’s just good lighting, and black and white photos hide a multitude of sins.

  • ” SEX ” is not a movie Madonna made, it’s a book.