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Phoebe Price Hits the Beach in Her Old Lady Bikini of the Day

This act seriously fucking bores me….we get it…you put on a bikini and ask the paparazzi to follow you and idiots like me post the pictures and hopefully get you in the tabloids as the hottest 40 year old clown of a fucking person who does nothing in her bikini. That’s what Phoebe Price aspires to acheive in life, and really it’s a good, attainable, not overly ambitious or hard dream, all it takes is a phone call and a bikini and very little shame…I’m not quite sure how it pays your rent, or your baby formula, but I guess if you’re daddy is rich, money isn’t really a factor in your decisions, like the rich kid I knew who decided to become an artist because his trust fund made it easy for him to no starve to fucking death, but at least what he tried to be creative….this bikini shit is not impressive and I kinda hate bitches who sell themselves short…like if you’re going to try to get noticed on the beach…at least make the shit topless, every slut gets into a bikini, even fat chicks on resorts, so if you wanna stand out, step it the fuck up you useless cunt, but I guess we should give her some credit, cuz clearly she knows she’s a useless clown. Here are the pics of her trying to seduce me and failing….

Pics via Fame

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