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Phoebe Price Bikini Picture Stupidity of the Day

Phoebe Price continues her clown behavior in her bikini and I encourage, not so much because I like older redheads with shitty bodies in bikinis, but more because I like seeing anyone desperate for attention that they’d be willing to pretty much humiliate themselves, cuz a girl willing to humiliate herself to get noticed, is usually one who is pretty fucking easy to manipulate into doing other things, and even though we don’t have access to blowjobs from this bitch after we convince her that we can get her into the tabloids, it’s still kinda funny to watch….so cehck out this red haired clown clownin half naked when she should put some clothes on….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    Given the chance Id destroy her rectum then force-feed the bitch my schlong..that’s right..ATM caught on tape!!…oh and Id hoof her yappy dog a good 50yrd’s!!

  • 2. Outstanding information once again. Thumbs up.