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More Kirsten Dunst Bikini Pictures of the Day

Kirsten Dunst has a shitty weird looking body. She looks like some kind of monster you’d find in a horror movie and here are a few more pictures of her from yesterday’s bikini pictures that I was too lazy to post, just to prove my point….

I am disappointed in myself for not finding a way to seduce her, molest her, scream obscenities at her when she was in town shooting her movie, the closest I got to her was walking into a store an hour after she did, but I’m convinced I could still smell the sour booze, stale smokes and dried up pussy, but that was probably all in my head…..

Here she is on her quest to not fall totally into obscurity….

Pics via Fame

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  • Drunken Pig

    She can fall directly on my knob!!

  • Bob Smith

    She has no on-screen magic because she’s very average in every way.

    Go ahead fuck her. But it’s not like you can’t find a million women in your own state (or province if you’re from up north) better looking and less annoying.

  • Perv

    Stick a ball gag in her mouth and a bag over her head and she would be quite fuckable.