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Kendra Wilkinson Exclusive Sex Tape Clip of the Day

Here is an exclusive clip from Vivid of the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape everyone is excited about.

I have no real opinion about this clip mainly because I don’t really like anything about Kendra Wilkinson or her prostitute life other than the fact that she gets naked for money and now has sex for money…and I think more girls should take her lead…cuz I like watching….

There are rumors that the video was actually shopped around by her to boost her career she doesn’t want to see drown, which I think it is safe to say is fact but really who cares about the business behind the shit, let’s focus on what is more important and that is the fact that this shit exists and is getting out there….

Seeing any 18 year ass is getting fucked in video that you can buy later today is amazing….especially when it is 18 year olds who are no longer 18 but who we’ve got to know on TV and in Playboy….kinda like reminding us all of what could have been had things panned out different before ruining her vagina with kids….

This brings back memories of Pam Anderson sex tape in the 90s, and Paris Hilton’s sex tape in the 2000s…and I am hoping is just the start of the sex tapes of the 2010s….cuz I figure there will always be people willing to get down on camera when shit starts going downhill…especially after how well shit has worked out until this point for other bitches….

So here’s a preview of her getting down…giving some blowjob….you won’t see it anywhere else, cuz I’m just that relevant in the entertainment world when it comes to sex tapes…..Enjoy….

To See Another Hardcore Clip and To Find Out More on the Sex Tape
Follow This Link….

And if you are like me and appreciate the ambition in her 18 year old eye, already knowing dick sucking will take her farther than any University degree, and know you want it ….

Then Follow This Link and Buy The Kendra Exposed Video

Here’s a screencap if the video is loading slowly to entertain yourself with….

Here’s a screencap of her natural 18 year old tits…before her awkward body bought new ones….

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  • hmmm

    Firecrotch. Disgusting.

  • Bob Bowie

    She looked good when she had natural tits. Bolt-ons suck.

  • ken

    Wow, she’s a tank now compared to how cute/slim she used to be.

  • Nice to see her standards have gone up. *cough*

  • oink

    Not bad as a young chick…I just wish she was over in my bed..i need some teasting in the morning hours…great .30 minute sample… Dig thoses hot titties toooooooooooooooo…

    Support your local strip joints give them some good business for their $$$ tonight~~!!

  • Drunken Pig

    Whatever…how is this bitch any different than the thousand’s of chick’s anyone can view sucking and fucking on the interwebz??…people paying for this shit baffle’s me!!

  • JWF

    It figures…..the dude is fat and hairy. I would have thought she’d have better taste in guys.

  • Taz

    She went from this to old man balls

  • marka

    Thats how they making the money.

  • Bill

    That guy has a really rather small penis

  • Joshua

    I feel sorry for her kids.

  • manuel

    The guy is distractingly doughy with a small cock.

  • Observerwwtdd@live.com

    She seems like a very kind soul….

  • Expletive:BMP

    well don’t knock the guy, fuck, i’m a fat guy with a small dick, and she’s an awesome bit of cunny for fucking such a loser, so don’t disrespect the fucking dude, it’s unbecoming because most of you like me has a small dick.

  • LolleyGagger

    Not a bad start but if this clip is to entice people to BUY the full video then the it must really suck. The teaser should be the best stuff and I’m not seeing anything but what any amateur video shows you can get on the internet for free.
    Doesn’t really seem like Kendra we all know from GND, she’s having sex with a guy that has a small dick, something she mentioned on Playboy radio she strongly disliked. The other guys (supposedly she is with multiple partners) in the video must be bigger.

  • Dicker

    Who cares about the size of the guy’s penis?? We want to see the master whore, the slut of all sluts, Kendra W.

  • Bob Smith

    This is a gay clip.

    It focuses on her pulled a dick out of a guys pants. It shows nothing but the guy’s dick.

    She doesn’t suck it. She doesn’t fuck it. Just her pulling a dick out of a guys pants and making sure you see all of it.

  • jojo jackson

    Great tits too bad she screw them up

  • kat

    poor hank

  • Andrea

    Kendra was young then, yeah she was stupid but shes grown up now. has a family, shes a respectful woman now.
    I dont think she wanted this shit to get out there now.

  • tony

    that dick is small…wow im fucked

  • Bruno Godoy

    Ths video leaked, bitches.

  • Jojo

    Small dick or not… you know these 2 are “crying” all the way to the fuckin bank. She’s not the only “celebrity” to make a sex tape and claim it was stolen or whatever. Hope she gets a good pay out of it. And hope it’s all worth humiliating her husband and son!

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^”Humiliating her husband”??..he’s a fucking GORILLA!!

  • Bob Smith

    “shes a respectful woman now”

    When you say respectful, if you define it as “someone who shows her body and fucks for money”, then yes, she is respectful.

  • ertert

    Is she blowing Mark McGuire?

  • Its too bad these young girls do this stuff, when they they are young and stupid. Her husband should
    have known she had done these things. If he really loves her and her son, he should get over it. He
    had to have known who she was before he met her. I hope he can work it out with her. He had a
    perfect wife. A sweet wife and mother, and a slut in the bedroom. That I have always heard was the perfect mix.

  • gen

    Her boobs were WAY better before. Shoot, I wish I had em that small & perky.
    And I have a feeling that guy is UGLY. Look at that blonde nasty chest hair, ick.

  • KRYS

    Yes, this was a bad decision, there is no denying that. As always though, the woman is the only one being called names and trash talked for doing this.

  • Jenn

    Watch the full movie for free at bit.ly/dngdSU

  • lynn

    It wasn’t that long ago….she’s only 25 now. She’s spent the last 5 years or so sucking Hef’s dick and having orgies with all the chicks at the house, so WHY is anyone surprised?! Also, how embarrassed is she? She’s writing a tell all book for the world to read to set herself free! How is this video anymore embarrassing than putting all that stuff in a book for your husband and son to read when he grows up. Hanks’ mom must be beside herself! She’s just alittle small town girl who’s got her 15 minutes of fame and is making the most ($$) of it. She’s the kind of girl all the players like to get out on the road….now Hank has to hear it from all the player in the NFL….imagine what the opposing team will say to him on the field!
    He needs to pack his bags and leave this girl…..she’s no better than any other porn chick!

  • KendraKay

    i love kendra.. i think shes kick ass.. she has changed alot since she got married and had little hank.. come on ppl she was fucking 18 years old.. i bet over half of these ppl that come to this site everyday have made a tape or send sexual pics… the onli dif is that she is famous.. thats y she is put on blast… i think kendra looks hotter now then she did b4.. postbaby she is curvier then ever.. she is beautiful and she has alot of things going for her.. she gets like a mill per episode.. she makes more money in a week then u, ur children, ur grandchildren, and etc will ever make or even be lcky to see in ur/their lives.. get off her.. shes onli on blast cus she is famous.. thats it.. me and my girlfriend have her sextape on order.. i think she looks hot in it.. and if she does get half whateve.. more power to her…

    (btw- kendra is my real birth given name… no just because of the article..)

  • hero
  • chris


  • emma243

    mmmaan i have a picture where im naked,and 15 years old n my dick is wwwaaayy bigger maybe cause im black!

  • Typical white bitch to me there nuthin but hoes to me.Real niggas do not fuck wit white bitches.

  • eileen

    I’m sorry and why is that racist bitch?

  • fds


  • nunya

    I dont care what nyone sais kendra rocks!

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  • NiggaSayWhat

    wtf is dat little cracka wit his limp ass dick doin? im glad kendra got a real nigga now so her pussy can be filled wit a dick

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