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Candice Swanepoel Bikini Pictures of the Day

Candice Swanepoel makes me want to save the money I make collecting cans to buy a plane ticket to South Africa because apparently, the white pussy that escapes and makes it to America is pretty fucking hot, I don’t even care that the nation they are from has the number 1 Aids rate in the world, I think that just makes them more exciting to fuck, because you assume they don’t have AIDS, but you just don’t know, because despite how hot they look, it only takes one open-sore handshake with a local merchant, or one crazy night getting gangraped by tribesmen back at some South African frat party to pollute this pussy….not that fucking her is really an option, which I guess is probably a good thing based on statistics, but at least we can stare at her bikini pics, cuz the only way to get AIDS from looking at bikini pics is if you’re doing it while fucking a crackwhore up the ass without a condom…

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  • mike

    Nobody in this world can top her!! She is simply out of this world!!!

  • gozo

    You are an idiot.
    There are many things you can laugh about, and aids is not one of them.
    Besides, Candice is really smoking hot and perfect under all aspects.
    Moronda Kerr must hate her for being so naturally beautiful while she looks like a chipmunky bag of shit.

  • Judy Carpenter

    who is she and how is she any better than thousands of others.