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Michelle Trachtenberg Has her Period of the Day

I think there is a responsibility a girl has when she decides to be Hollywood. Sure Michelle Trachtenberg isn’t anything major. I think she’s got a low level role on Gossip Girl and may still be riding off her Buffy money, but she’s still on fucking TV, she still writes she’s an Actor when she applies for credit cards, and apparently she doesn’t take that duty too seriously. She is in the public eye. She needs to make dudes want to fuck her to get better paying gigs, instead she gives us this lazy, sloppy, pig of a person mess. That lack of drive or interest in turning us on has got to be the reasy why she’s got a pretty ghetto career….so here she is dressed like a slob fat chick on her period. Who knows, maybe that’s a niche fetish, and she’s catering to you…but I think she needs to go back the drawing board…

Pics via Bauer

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  • zipcity

    I don’t care if she just woke up and is on the rag. I’d go for those red wings!

  • Drunken Pig

    Sweat-Pant’s=’I have given up on life’!!

  • Jeff little from Troy Ohio

    At least she has a real dog.

  • I love Blake Lively of Gossip Girl she is so damn pretty.:.`

  • Michelle Trachtenberg of Gossip Girl is the most beautiful, she is better than Blake Lively..`*

  • i really like michelle trachtenberg on gossip gilr, she is nice and pretty ~.-