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Jessica Biel’s Ass is in a Jumpsuit of the Day

I am into jumpsuits. I don’t think it’s cuz I have some kind of paratropper fetish, but more that I like how one piece of clothing can touch all the good parts, and when shit’s an inch too short, it jacks up the ass like some kind of hammock I want to take a nap in or harness specifically dedicated to giving the bitch booty….

Now I don’t give a fuck about Jessica Biel, her strength, her fake relationship with Justin Timberlake so people think he’s straight, or her fashion sense, career choices or pretty much anything about her….but I dick this outfit and how it’s holdin’ her ass up like something Kim Kardashian invented in her whore workshop to keep herself relevant…cuz everyone knows if you strap shit up proper, it looks proper…

Pics via Fame
Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    Not much of a fan..but this bitch looks good here!!..nice ass!!

  • bar room hero

    I would tear this slag up.

  • cowbulls

    That is a spectacular ass. Jessica just oozes sex.

  • Dank

    Nice ass. Not as big as everyone makes it out to be. Kind of a man’s ass actually.

    Is that the Van they’re using in the A-Team?? Really? I dont recall silver on the bottom and big flashy Chevt Van sign on the original. Way to keep it real Hollywood.