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Pink’s Ass is a Circus Performer of the Day

I was always curious about the dudes who used to find Pink hot. She’s built like a fucking tank and I guess I can respect someone looking for a strong woman who can handle taking the groceries in on her own, or moving furniture around the house without annoying you, but there comes a time in every relationship where you have no choice but to fuck and when that happens and she takes off her clothes only to stand there with bulging, pulsating muscles, I don’t really get how a motherfucker can get hard and pull through…I mean even if the pussy can bench press 2 plates and choke out a dick like it was wearing women’s panties and hanging from the closet in Thailand..sure some people are into anything with a cunt, and I get that ….I am a dude and I’ve done my fair share of shit..so Pink makes senseif you’re actually with the bitch, but I’m talking everyday dudes who have the option of jerking off to any music video, but for some reason choose Pink. Suspect….

I don’t know why she turned her stage show into some circus performance, and I don’t really care, it’s some weird novelty that leaves her pantsless and uninteresting, but maybe you’ll be into it, cuz you’re the kind of guy who turns on Pink’s songs everytime your mom goes grocery shopping, leaving you the opportunity to love yourself…..

Here’s a bonus zoom-in shot of Pink’s ass on stage for those of you closet cases who figure manly chicks aren’t as gay as taking the plunge into dainty men……it is more socially acceptable…

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    Gimme proof PINK ‘aint sporting dink..then..still NO!!

  • Imtheloserbehind

    There’s trannys better looking then her.

  • Allie

    Way to completely copy what The Flaming Lips have been doing for years, Pink.

  • honor

    sounds like you have a little dick. pink is rad and sings better upside down than most do right side up. she is really pretty and hot as shit.

  • Lipstick lilly

    Y’kno it’s possible that lesbians like to look at smoking hot celeb chicks too. And sometimes some of our tastes in hot women with hard bodies might slant towards a strong looking body type. Case in point: lesbians love pink. Not all, but many…

    Don’t forget about us!!

  • TheBug

    Pink is effin GROSS! If you like Pink, YOU are effin gross. Fact. Sorry you had to find out this way.