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Marisa Miller Video Game Ad from 2008 of the DAy

Here’s a commercial from 2008 of Marisa Miller when she was a little less haggard, showing off her hot supermodel body, playing out some Risky Business shit like she was Tom Cruise only with less dick sucking experience, which is saying a lot about Tom Cruise, because before Marisa Miller was a late bloomer Victoria’s Secret pussy, she was working low level modeling jobs and showing off her fake tits, a career that usually comes with random cocks down your throat to pay the rent.

I don’t know how legit this shit is, but I’ll post it anyway cuz it is doing the internet rounds and bitches in their underwear is always worth talking about as far as I’m concerned.

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  • Drunken Pig

    Fuck video games..I want to abuse her ‘brown-eye’!!

  • Imtheloserbehind

    Ha ha parents or whoever thought this was too much for tv needs to get the fuck out of America. I want porn for commericals. Sex can sell anything.