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Marisa Miller is the Earth’s Sexiest Woman of the DAy

I know people who work at these magazines and these lists and titles they come up with are all bullshit. There is no actual science, voting, logic behind this shit, they just write it and idiots believe it, but I don’t really care because I like seeing bitches doing any physical labor, especially when they have amazing bodies that, espeically when those amazing bodies are half naked, it is the kind of shit that just numbs me and makes me forget how annoying these asshole magazines are…and I guess they’ve figured out the magic formula to brainwash men everywhere and I’m pretty sure it didn’t take a team of experts for that…but I guess for today I’m glad it happened…especially since they photoshopped the fuck out of her face so that it didn’t look as haggard as a 40 year old ex stripper with a coke problem….like it normally does…

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  • Drunken Pig

    Why the fuck can’t I enlarge the pic??!!

  • hammond egger

    Smokin’ body but she is a prototypical butterface.