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Jessica Simpson’s Belly of the Day

I’m thinking Jessica Simpson finally found a sperm donor cuz this kind of body is one that must be pregnant, that or she’s just pregnant on BBQ, making it unfortunate that she’s a white Christian girl from the south who isn’t culturally allowed to date black dudes, cuz I know black would be all over this, paritially cuz black guys are into fat white chicks, especially when they are blonde,they also love BBQ as much as she does, they also love gangster living and with her money, they can afford the Bentley, the mansion, the cognac and the strippers they can convince her she wants in her living room at all times, provided he tells her that he loves her to make her feel wanted when she’s not too busy eating, but more importantly, black dudes are real fucking fertile and that’s good enough to show Ashlee she’s not the only Simpson sister with a uterus, and who really cares, cuz she looks disgusting, and is just proof the American philosophy that Bigger is Better in this patriotic time of year, is not actual fact and doesn’t apply to all things….

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  • Drunken Pig

    Bitch keep’s packing on the beef and GORILLA love will be her only option!! Amazing rack though!!

  • tia

    Wow it’s 2010 and you all sound like a bunch of hillbilly cousin fucking illiterate bastard.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^Re-read your own sentence bitch..and blow me as well!!

  • denne

    man… her lil belly sticks out more than her booty… at this weight she could be the spokeswoman for the “bootydo”… jessica just needs to accept that she looked better (and still healthy) about ten pounds lighter. btw are those grease marks on the side of her dress??

  • Meghan

    Sounds like the author had his fat white girl taken by a black man. Little Dick syndrone will definitely cause idiotic rants. From her belly..to a black man spending her money…and bar-b-que…and the fertility…lol. The way I see it good dick costs…haha….if she’s willing to deal with that shit and pay for that big black dick…why not impregnate all the low esteem big white girls and their little mixed baby boys won’t have to grow up with little dicks. Problem solved.

  • Billdozer

    I love her with even with a little belly or not! I’d help her work that 10lbs off….with some outdoor physical activity, not with what you all thought I was going to say, he-he-heh

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    If she wasn’t sitting inside all day while she pays illegals to clean the house, the pool, the yard; then she might stay at a steady weight and Hollywood might want to put her in simple movie rolls.

    P.S. Jessica re-editing a show no one watched the first time will make people watch it again, unless your naked this time.

  • cowbulls

    I don’t understand the hatred. Jessica is a hot woman with a world class body. Jessica has great legs, an enormous rack, a pretty face and the only minor flaw is her butt isn’t round. I’m not a breast man but even I find her chest attention grabbing.

    The fact that JM spoke so highly of her sexual abilities only adds to her allure.

    Now I do agree that she will be huge so enough because that’s in her genes.

  • Bob Smith

    The body isn’t so good these days, but we already know she’s an animal in bed, and she knows now that she has to try harder to please.

    I think she’d fuck you till you died.

    (Cowbulls, that is not a world class body, not anymore. I would put her on a treadmill with a ham sandwich just out of reach. She would keep running and running to get the ham sandwich… she’d be down to her good weight in 2-3 weeks)

  • sexi


  • V-4-Vendetta

    I know she got a belly, but there is some good pussy under that belly!!!!!

    That dress looks like a bedazzled burlap sack…