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Jennifer Lopez Fat Mom Ass Flash of the Day

I always hated Jennifer Lopez. Not only did I find her fat ass nothing to get excited about back when fat asses were just gaining popularity, but I also always found her totally obnoxious, singing about how she came from the projects, like she was down to earth while driving in her luxury cars, living in her mansions, and bossing her staff around like the cunt that I know she is….She got press for being a talented singer, actor, dancer and all around performer and every positive review I could see her ego getting bigger and fucking bigger and I just couldn’t fucking take it anymore, then she luckily got pregnant and disappeared, giving me the down time I needed to not do anything crazy, like start guerilla army on the internet to track her down and teach her a lesson, but for some reason, she decided to make a comeback, probably cuz she realized how easy it is to trick the public into making her a lot of money, but that doesn’t make her any easier to tolerate….even when she’s bending over and flashing her ass…but that’s just because I always found her ass a disgusting mess….not that you care what I think…

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  • here Bianca get your detoxed laughing gear round my big brown wrinkley hairy beanbag mwah

  • dickspit

    Fat asses like J. Lo’s are built for spanking and fucking. Over and over and over.