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Sharon Stone Crying in Public of the Day

I know as well as you do that Sharon Stone is not hot anymore. I just have a thing for bitches who cry in public, whether they are hot or not. I just like seeing some kind of crazy acting crazy….whether the tears are justified by the death in her family, or maybe further rejection from another casting director telling her she’s too old to work, or if she just looked at her haggard face in the mirror and got scared, or if she is just going through menopause…..

I just like seeing a bitch lose her fucking mind cuz I know it’s probably over something totally insignificant, cuz bitches don’t know how to differentiate what is considered a real issue, or just their own over-reacting over nothing….

I do however care that when the crazy person in question is Sharon Stone and she’s wearing a short skirt and her legs are uncrossed and her career is pretty much backed into the fucking corner and sucking, she should try to re-visit her prime.

So here she is emotionally unstable and not showing pussy.

Pics via Fame

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  • Adam

    I know that sometimes crying looks like laughing, but she really looks like she’s laughing, a lot!

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Too much botox, laughing would come out as a dead faced gasp.

  • Dream On Shithead

    Yeah, like your favorite MILF looks better.

  • hkat

    She must have just found out that Lifetime is going to show Basic Instinct 2 this week

  • JD

    I still think she is good looking.

  • Drunken Pig

    Does anyone really wanna see her busted-up box anymore??

  • Diane Joao

    Oh, give me a break. She is still a very attractive woman. And a lot more in shape than a lot of others out there! DUDE. GIVE. ME. AN. EFFING. BREAK. Jeez.

  • Amber_Taylor

    ^^^HAHA! Me thinks Diane is a wrinkled fat cunt but she made me laugh so good on her…

  • Dino

    You mexiscum, she is not crying. She is high on drugs and is laughing.

  • You’re a twat

    So old women aren’t supposed to look..you know..OLD. Who kicked you out of pre-school? Or couldn’t your mom afford it anymore due to her failed streetwalking attempt? She doesn’t look all that bad for something that crawled out of hollywood and is aging, damn Lohan looks worse and she doesn’t even have half the years on her.