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Mila Kunis Plays with her Mouth of the Day

You can’t take me anywhere cuz I always turn innocent things into sexual things. Whether it is a girl walking down the street, or taking money out of the bank machine, or eating ice cream, or really eating anything for that matter, I can stare at the shit from a certain angle and get hard over the shit….that makes life a lot more fun for me, cuz anywhere I go is a fucking pornset, so seeing these pics of Mila Kunis not trying to turn anyone on, playing with her mouth, like it’s some kind of warm, moist, recepticle for cock and not a body part uses for eating and speaking and throwing up lunch to stay skinny and not built for licking and sucking my dick..you know she’s pretending to be picking at her mouth to make sure there’s no food in her tooth for her scene cuz that would be embarrassing but I know she knows exactly what she’s doing and I’m in love.

Pics via Bauer

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  • Drunken Pig

    You can have ‘love’..I much prefer ‘lust’..it’s more honest and cuts thru the bull-shit!!

  • jack

    I’m guessing the number of cocks that mouth has serviced numbers in the hundreds.

  • dan plopp

    Mila told me that she wished Mac would manscape a little better. At least we know she gives oral..

  • WTFalert

    Yo marge simpson profile injection upper lip 2nd picture. What is with all these No upper lip having women playing voodoo doll for the Duck Bill Platypus face look? Weird.