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Hilary Swank in her Bikini in Her Bikini of the Day

This Hilary Swank bitch is really something. No matter how old she gets, or how boxy and broad shouldered she gets. I still find her transgendered. From the first time I tried jerking off to her getting raped in “Boys Don’t Cry” where she played a chick who pretended to be a dude, ace bandaging them big old tits down and stuffing her underwear so she could get down with Becky from Roseanne, until last year where she played a dyke aviator, to now where she’s flexing her borad boxy body on the beach, I still haven’t quite figured her out and I’m not about to start now…cuz I really don’t care that much…I just know that if she’s got a vagina…then no matter how manly a bitch is…it’s still not gay…unless she’s fucking you up the ass…in which case I’d say you’re kinda on the fence…

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  • chad

    what if she has a penis? and you’re fucking her from behind and sucking her dick? does that mean you’re gay?

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^No..that would make him the worlds best contortionist..Dip-shit!!

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    She’s looking good to bad Hollywood wants nothing to do with her anymore, but there’s always porn.

  • pfft

    3 brilliant comments as usual. The Earth might spin into the Sun if I read a comment on this site that was not: homophobic, stupid, ignorant, racist, bigoted, … making fun of them in the post is one thing, but when you “perfect”, fat, home-bound, needle-dick trolls shit on them, I just can’t take it. You would pass out if any human being (man or woman) would get naked with you. Shut your fat-ass pie hole already.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^Get back to your job servicing men at the bus station glory-hole faggot!!..Perez Hilton is >>THAT WAY>>>>>>>>

  • Expletive:BMP


    fuck you son, you man meat eating fucking wanker. Go to cali and marry your boyfriend so he can shove his two inches in your fucking nose, skeet into your nostrils as you sniff england you fucking wanker 😛 and if that get’s you hot then fuck you you male fucker.

  • sucksadick

    im not saying her face is pretty but her body is very fuckable. nice and tight. i bet her pussy is the same way. she doesnt seem like the type that fucks everyone in hollywood.

  • hammond egger

    @sucksadick – how many people she fucks has no bearing on how tight or loose a female’s pussy is. How old are you, 12?

  • drunk mom

    pfft: i hate when people tell other people to shut up, you shut up

    it’s true about the swank girl….i think of her as that boys don’t cry character all the time, but that means she is a good actress…i think she is hot though, i like mannish women, but that’s because i’m a woman

    i have a friend who thinks charlize theron is ugly because he can’t get the monster role of his mind…this is disturbing to me, one bad bad hair day and some toothpaste smeared on the side of your face and you’re done…..this is why i am celibate