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Salma Hayek’s Amazing Cleavage of the Day

Salma Hayek may be older, thicker and a mom, but she’s still Salma Hayek and she’s doing pretty fucking good in these pictures.

I was one of the many dudes who thought her Mexican face wasn’t hairy enough to turn me off of her curvy fucking body, and I’m may have giving up on her, you know traded her in for younger, fresher pussy, but I’m not giving up on her now, she’s recruited me back into her fan club, even though I hate Mexican women cuz they remind me of my dead whore mother…not because of her rotting pussy, but because she’s Mexican….but her weight gain and pregnancy has brought her even bigger fucking tits, and since I don’t get to fuck her, I don’t really care how mangled her pussy has become….I just like that she’s out there, showing the other busty starlets that they aren’t anything special, cuz everyone with a little tit can get themselves a push-up bra and a low cut shirt…and as a perverted blogger…I’m glad she did cuz this is a magical reminder of great tits from a simpler time…

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  • drunk mom

    you are an odd man, jesus….selma hayek vs. christina hendricks, why is one hot and the other not? it’s the ginger thing isn’t it? i have to say, it looks like selma hayek is serving up chocolate milk in that outfit, which is always a good thing

  • ‘Ol Dickless

    Carrot top = ginger-bushed fire crotch = stank pussy.

  • Cunty Cuntall

    She’s one of my favourites to toss off to.