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Here is some weirdness going on in the news….if you’re dumb enough…maybe one day you’ll be one of these clips…I can only hope my reader is that accomplished…

Yoko Ono Fakes a Horrible Orgasm for 3 Minutes

Yoko Ono taped ‘Voice Piece for soprano & wish tree at MoMA reenacting a three minute orgasm

2 Very Ugly Women Arrested on Prostitution Charge in Texas

Travis County Sheriff Deputies have arrested two women on prostitution charges stemming from a Rollingwood massage parlor. It’s not prostitution – it’s a cultural thing….

Murder by Minivan in Memphis

A Memphis man is accused of running over his friend with great witness recounts

Caught on Tape: Woman’s Wallet Stolen During Communion

Jean Barcone left her purse while going to get communion and a thief took advantage cuz there is no god….

Cops: Drugged Up Dad Left Son in Freezer cuz Meth is Awesome…

A Chandler man has been arrested after police say he put his 7-month-old son in the freezer — but that’s not the worst of it.


Stripper Pole Fail

Choosing Prostitution or Torture

The Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force is looking for a dangerous fugitive accused of forcing a local teenager to choose between prostitution or torture.

Penthouse Club Suing City of Detroit

New rules have changed dirty dancing in the city of Detroit. However, one strip club is fighting back and taking the city to court.

Prostitution Crackdown in Cook County, Illinois

Stretches of Mannheim Road have long been known as a place where prostitution flourished.

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