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Olivia Munn does GQ in her Panties of the Day

I hate Olivia Munn because I am onto her scam. She’s a bottom feeding piece of shit who happens to have a decent PR company behind her. She landed a cable show that no one expected anyone to really watch, that catered to virgin losers, and threw her in the mix as the “hot” chick who understood virgin losers and virgin loser issues, like videogames, technology, the internet, comic books and a variety of loser virgin things that lead to virgin losers thinking they had a chance with her, and that despite her not being as hot as the Hentai porn they jerk off to, her personality and understanding of them just takes her to another level.

It’s a scam, she was never into that shit, she just knew she was onto something when she found out how virgin losers think, and the loyalty they have to people who bother talking to them.

I know for a fact Olivia Munn was not a geek in high school, but the girl trying to fit in with the hot girls, snobbing out the geeks, before she realized shit will carry her career and land her in magazines the pretty girls she once tried to fit in with never will.

I fucking hate this lying cunt and I don’t find her fun, funny, interesting, cool, or anything other than annoying. I just hope God punishes her for all the manipulation she has done to weak minded people for personal gain.

Fucking cunt.

But on a sidenote, I was featured on her G4 TV show once, unfortunately the only TV coverage I’ve ever had…but I think they were just trying to fool me into liking her….well it didn’t fucking work.

Here are her panties in GQ like she was an actual model, even though she clearly is not…

This is really like some Tila Tequila being popular on Myspace so they gave her a show…only of a lesser quality….

I should stop this post now….fine….I will.

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  • beavis

    Oh Jesus, you so crazy. Seriously, you’re crazy. Probably gay too – what the hell am I doing here?

  • Expletive:BMP

    ^^^^The only other person whose bung-hole I’d love to suck. Even though she’s suffering from a mild form of mental illness—aren’t we all. Though I’m fucking peeved I’m not seeing her on attack of the show, but I’m happy she’s successful in all she’s doing. Though I’ll stop short of offering my services to her as a man servant, I’ll gladly offer my virginity to her.

  • Expletive:BMP

    Beavis, no worries, Hayzeus wanna suck Olivia Munn’s butthole to, he’s just pretending he doesn’t want to. hayzeus would go as far as licking her anus after she shat out a burrito and peppers salad.

  • TruckerBob

    I have to agree 100% with him. She is a bottom feeder at best. The very easist way to describe her is fake. She pretends to be something she isn’t. I look forward to the day (and it’s coming soon) she drops off the map and I don’t have to hear about her anymore.

  • BrandonG

    clearly she is playing it up, but I’m glad she got the new tits, they look great and make her kinda thick bottom half more proportionate for the whole body.

  • again your gay

    Wow hayzeus you keep proving my point your super gay and your too dumb to notice that by saying only nerds like computers and tech shit your insulting yourself dipshit. YOU HAVE A WEBSITE ASSHOLE!

  • Toreshi

    Your comments, stepfather, are so point on–I mean, exactly, this bitch was never a “nerd”. How about a wannabe preppy white girl who didn’t talk to the real geeks. This bitch is so out of touch. Anyone who wears the Princess Leia slave costume like that one Brady-bangin bitch equals total garbage guzzler. Her day will soon be over, not like it has really started—who are these people shoving OM down our throats. DON’T WANT.

  • u mad?

  • Lovely

    who gives a fuck what you think? she would get it.

  • Mike

    good lord you fucking bunch of geek homos. she is hot as hell, who cares if she doesn’t really want to watch star trek with you. She doesn’t want to do ANYTHING with you. or me for that matter. i just want to see her naked.

  • essequemodeia

    It’s called taking advantage of the situation. Look it up, asshole.

  • loki

    olivia munn sucks ass, and likes it. thx god she left the show, now its good, alison haislip and morgan webb, morgan webb the real hot geek chic

  • DaveStashofPorn

    Wow. You guys think she’s hot? Damn, i’ve seen slutty chicks at the mall hotter than her. Lower standards for virgins. Mike, buddy, I’ll take to Scores and you’ll get a lap dance from a chick ten times hotter that this rounded face bitch. Same price too.

  • jo

    what a bla bla for a cheap bitch..!

  • bobcock

    Any one who says they wouldn’t fuck the shit out of her is clearly either lying or gay. A lot of people just seem to be jealous that she found something that worked and exploited it. JUST LIKE YOU KNOW YOU WOULD.

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