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Ali Lohan Modeling for her Sister’s Clothing Line of the day

Lindsay Lohan is following her family legacy by exploiting family members for personal gain. Here is Ali Lohan in a campaign for her sister’s 6126 clothing line and I guess it’s only natural that the torch gets passed from one haggard at 24 slut, onto the fresher version who will end up equally damaged, and now is as good a time as any, since the older washed up version is doing time….

I know American men love this underage shit, I just see a girl who probably comes with a lot of headaches and little skills in the bedroom to justify those headaches, but then again, I could legally bang her here, so she’s not the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden, she’s just some whore in training who will eventually hit rock bottom thanks to her rich kid problems that aren’t real problems and her insane family…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    MMmmmm, I would do nasty things to her tight young body, all of them woudl end up involving my jiz jetting into one of her holes.

  • Expletive:BMP

    I wouldn’t do nasty things to her, My dick would want to, but my heart wouldn’t. Instead, I’d weep for our generation, give her cab money and the number of a responsible shrink, and send her exploited ass home. because watching her sister fall into the abyss is horrible enough, but the two of them, that’s just sad.

  • roscoe

    all the photoshop made her hot

  • cowbulls

    If she isn’t used for sex, what the hell good is she? I say bang her good and often.

  • beavis

    She’s no Winona Ryder, that’s for sure.

  • Bob Smith

    I would definitely cum on her face.

  • Bonzo

    Well I see Momma Lohan’s busy fucking up yet another kid.

  • John D Cole

    Might be penicilin resistant like her sister.