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Kate Bosworth Turns Me On Of the Day

Kate Bosworth is hot. She’s not fat. She’s got perky tits and I’m a fan.

These pictures are even hotter cuz they are of her leaving a script reading session with Rachel Bilson cuz they are filming a new movie called BFF & Baby together….which is probably going to be the movie I’ll most likely be jerking off when it hits Theaters despite all the warnings the manager at the AMC has given me about exposing myself at the movies…

Seriously….Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson are probably the two hollywood pussies I like best. Throw in some Mila Kunis without her Culkin-AIDs and I’m spent.

They keep to themselves, they aren’t 17, they don’t expose themselves on the regular intentionally and they don’t do the trashy hollywood obvious fame hungry cry for attention hustle like all the other bottom feeders…it is almost like they are keeping things the way they were when I started the site…before the paparazzi and internet made hollywood one massive blog post….and that makes me want them both naked at the same time, hopefully a scene that gets sneaked into the final script….

I just want to say, the producers of this movie are really onto something…I just hope they really take advantage of the situation they have at hand and get them naked…cuz as someone who has fucked up many amazing sexual situations with questionable looking bitches…I know the regret of not pullin’ through when I had the chance follows me for life…

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  • roscoe

    her mouth and face are especially busted. fail.