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Denise Richards is Writing a Memoir of the Day

Apparently Denise Richards is writing a memoir….I don’t know if this is a joke, since I assumed that Denise Richards was one of those retarded bitches who doesn’t know how to write since she didn’t graduate high school cuz she was too busy showing off her fake tits at the local stripclub, making enough money to get her to LA where she slept her way into one or two movie roles and a few magazine spreads cuz people liked fake tits in the 90s, especially when they were in Playboy and is only relevant cuz of six degress of Kevin Bacon games thanks to their threeway sex scene….but more importantly cuz she’s Denise Richards and has no one gives a fuck about Denise Richards even when she’s getting beat up by her famous baby daddy Charlie Sheen…It’s like what’s she gonna write about, being an unoffical Hollywood high class escort with a solid front as an “Actress”….

I’m sure her coked up and cock up her pussy life is about as fun to read about as it is to watch her in these pictures…which is not very fun except for the certified crazy people with OCD who can’t get past their love for or cuz people who were in horrible car accidents in ’95 that got their brain damaged enough to keep ’em hung-up on that era…

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  • Mr. Bobdobalina

    Well, she did go on Howard Stern the other year and talk about how she liked getting fucked in the ass and how she didn’t mind swallowing jizz. And you know after life with Charlie, that was the most normal stuff she did while they were together … so all in all, I’m going to say I’m in favour of this and am looking forward to the book. And the sex tape.

  • i shoulda done more research. if it is an audio book that she reads while masturbating, it could do well.

  • Expletive:BMP

    denise doesn’t seem to be crazy, just bitchy. I use to say, that being desperate for cunny would mean I’d take what ever is offered. But a friend of mine cleared me of that stupidity by explaining his situation; and how he has a bitchy wife, and how sometimes, he wished she’d die. but they’re times, she bitches so much, that he smacks her one. Which results in a tumble, he’s crying and she’s crying, they fuck, and it’s all better again, until a few days later, and it all starts again. fuck that shit, I want a simple girl, who likes watching documentaries, and just wanna fuck every so often, and other times, she will allow me to suck her cunny bleed. that’s all I want. Denise seems like my friend’s wife, the only difference is, instead of a make up fuck, she’ll say you raped her up the ass, and she’ll plant your skeet up her ass as proof. you’ll go to jail, but before you do, she’ll give you a chance to come back home, only if, you promise to have sex with her no more than once a year. and wear a remote vibrator up your ass, all the time, and taking it out, will cause an immediate response of her calling the cops, saying you raped her, and this time, you’ll get raped in prison.

  • cowbulls

    Now that the truth has come out that Sheen is a lunatic, I have changed a large part of my opinion on Denise. What we have is an incredibly beautiful and highly sexy woman that understands that her entire body including her mouth and her ass are to be used for a man’s sexual pleasure. That’s about as close to a 10 as possible. Her only downside today is her breasts were much better before the reduction.

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