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Shannon Elizabeth Diora Baird in Night of Demons of the Day

I posted the trailer a while ago from Diora Baird’s fake movie magic tits that I need to get a pair of to make my masturbation more interesting, or to at least make various household object, like my dog, more fun to pet….These prosthetic tits look better than most fake tits these starlets get to

I guess the funniest thing in all this is that just 5 years ago she was in The Wedding Crashers, a movie I am sure she thought was the start of a properous career, but instead lead to being cut out of the latest Star Trek and this straigh to DVD trash….which I’m sure has given her a nice reality chekc, has toned down her ego and if you happen to stumble into the bar she hard drinks at, I can only assume it’ll end in back alley blowjobs…cuz I bitch has gotta eat and her actual career isn’t really doing it for her…but maybe that’s cuz she’s too full of shit to go topless and show her actual tits…she’s one of those…who until she learns to sacrifice herself for content…especially when B-Movies are all she’s getting…she deserves the fate her prude ass has left in the couch of her life…

Here’s the shitty clip from Night of Demons…without the tit cuz the file was corrupt…but you still get a sense of her great acting..

And here’s Shannon Elizabeth someone who proved that despite going topless in a big movie, keeping that interest from the public up hasn’t been as easy as her hot body expected…amd Bobbi Sue Luther doing a stupid lesbian themed dance….

The thing that throws me off about this movie, is the last time I was drunk with a girl who had whiskers drawn on her, she ended up getting peed on in a fire escape and her Russian husband wasn’t too happy about it…but seeing Shannon Elizabeth have her face ripped off was kinda hot…if you’re a psychopath.

Sidenote – I think Diora Baird has the single ugliest Wikipedia picture on Wikipedia…Change that shit up yo.

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  • roscoe

    great teee-yuts

  • booty

    you idiot, Shannon Elizabeth ripped the other chicks face off.