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Eva Mendes Plays with a Penis Shaped Muppet of the DAy

I don’t know what this is all about, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s an performance art piece that Eva Mendes came up with to represent the launch of her career, from poor hispanic girl who was destined to strip for 10 dollars a song to rich hispanic girl who ended up stripping in movies for lots and lots of money….you know one of those off broadway shows she wrote to really express herself as an artist….tackling to tough issues in life…like developing relationships with the right penis that lead the a place where the world can jerk off to her titties….I mean what else could this possibly be….

Bonus – here she is dressed like the rainforest where she is from, or maybe it’s a flag from her country of origin, or maybe she’s in blinds her tacky latina grandmother had in her house that she wears for good luck,or to remind us how much better she looks nude…. doin’ some import car modeling,..unfortunately with Will Farrell cuz I hate everything about that guy….His face just makes me want to run him over and over and over until I am sure I have rid the world of the cancer that is him.

Real Bonus – Here she is Slutting Out in a Movie

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  • Josh

    I know I may be alone on this… but I don’t find her attractive at all… not a single bit…