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Rosario Dawson Shows Off Her Ankles of the Day

In muslim countries, this is considered porn. This level of exposure will get every man in the town into a frenzy, lookin for the nearest goat to fuck.

In America…or really anywhere else in the world, it’s not porn. It’s hardly even erotic. It’s almost standard. Meaning this bitch needs to step up her game, cuz unless she’s trying to target the muslim audience, since they are going to take over the world and she’s aiming for a good position, she better take a few layers off cuz this is dull as shit…which is probably a bad ANALogy cuz sometimes shit can be exciting…especially when it’s on some ghetto prostitutes face after you’re done with her….a ghetto prostitute Rosario Dawson probably knows cuz she grew up with her in the same immigrant abandoned building their families squatted in….

She needs to remember where she’s from, who she is and what got her where she is…She’s got to look at the gutter drug addicted trash she grew up with and realize that she’s lost herself and that there’s a middle ground where everyone would be happy…and that’s her starring in some throat-fucking sex tape cuz that’s what America finds erotic these days and Rosario Dawson’s job is to keep things on a sex-based level.

Here are the pics that may make you fuck your neighbor’s dog if you’re Muslim and not allowed to jerk off or fuck. Enjoy.

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  • Agent 037

    Are u serious? this shit was a post?? damn….