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Britney Spears Nasty Panty Flash of the Day

Nothing says mentally sane like a woman who goes out in public with her extensions all over the place an her panties hanging out the top of her pants…especially when she knows the entire world is watching. But in Britney’s defense, the fact that she managed to get panties on is pretty impressive, I hear when it normally comes to dressing herself she’ll too busy flinging feces at the cage her handlers keep her in.

I never used to understand why girls wear underwear, and when I’d get down with a girl who wasn’t wearing underwear, I’d always get excited. I was like shit, this bitch is ready, there’s just one piece of clothing between her pussy and my dick and I love it…I remember being at bars so many times and walking upstairs behind hot pussy in front of me that was not wearing panties and I’d get a fucking hard on on the spot….but then I started dating a hippie bitch who thought underwear was repressive and that her thick bush was underwear enough or some shit and I realized the importance of underwear because it traps all their discharge and smells so that it doesn’t accumulate all over their jeans the bitch never washed and make me want to vomit every time I had to sit next to the bitch…..not that I generally get grossed out by pussy smells…but I do after seeing the inside theme of her jeans….not that you care…but here are some Britney Spears pictures of her underwear to remind us that despite being insane it’s always smart to put on a pair of underwear especially in jeans so that you can show the world that you’re not totally unable to care for yourself….which is what I assume Britney’s doing in these pics…and when I try to imagine what’s brewing in those panties…some kind of natural disaster or tropical storm part of me gets excited…the other part of me wants to throw up and unfortunately my dirty panty fetish always wins.

Here are the pics.

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I love the smell of her cheeto farts under the sheets at night.

  • jack haslam

    i would eat the corn out of her poop any day

  • Fefe

    Majority of the time I don’t wear panties with my jeans and neither does any of my friends! The reason as to why your hippie chic had discharge in her jeans was because that thing was probably just a LITTLE infected.!!!!! I dont have excess discharge and it damn sure doesn’t flow onto my jeans like a leaky faucet! Ladies, if your vajayjay is leaking, go get her fixed 😉

  • Hey Fefe

    So tell me girl, how do you manage to not leave poop stains on your jeans when you go to the public restroom? And when you are ovulating?
    You are trying to sound sexy for the boys but you know a woman’s reality includes UNDERWEAR for hygienic reasons, you are probably 15.