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Lindsay Lohan Topless for Inferno of the Day

Lindsay Lohan is great. I mean that’s how she developed her drug addiction, it all started with a broken soul and a need to self medicate to have a good time and feel good while not caring about anything else. She’d get naked, she’d get fucked up, she had a lifestyle people who don’t mind dying young dream of, partying, shopping, traveling, fucking….

Unfortunately, she’s slowed the fuck down cuz of this whole rehab bullshit.

Luckily there are still remnants of Lohan that was and who I think that will be again, like this picture of her topless for Inferno…..

Sure, I’ll take her any way she comes, I have a soft spot for her….probably as soft a spot as Sam Ronson has for her….but I’m not competing, I’m just staring at tits.

IF That’s Not Enough Lohan for You – Follow This Link for a Retrospective on Her Gingerly Cunt

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  • pike

    its not lindsay lohan, its tamara mellon, an english model

  • boris fonslosky

    i am…so fucking thankful for lilo

  • b-i-n-g-o

    Whoever the hell she is, she oughtta smack the photographer upside his head for suggesting the kitten in the crotch shtick. How fucking lame is that?!

    “Look, here’s my pussy *wink – wink* and I’m showing it to you!”

    No, bitch, that ain’t your cooze! Now move the future Chinese spare ribs, and break out the eagle wings!

  • daina

    i hate lindsey jus bcaus shes a biotch. i met her once n she was stuckup 2 hell. i look beter than her n she had the nerve 2 dis me. fuck that bitch hope overdoses soon.

  • Al

    I’ll imagine it’s Lindsay!!! lol
    @Daina, how about you send me a picture so we can compare!

  • Nick Mendoros

    This is something Madonna has done back in her Erotica era and Sex Book in the early 90s or her Early years back in 1979. Nothing new….

  • cunty cuntall

    Is it wrong for me to be sticking things up my bottom ?? You know, stuff like bottles, cans, boxes of cereal, tools from Dad’s tool shed and stuff like that ??

  • It doesn’t look much like Lohan, but who cares I can see her pussy … cat.