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Catherine Zeta Jones is the Widow in Training of the Day

I am not mocking the fact that Michael Douglas is going to die. I mean we are all going to die one day. He is just going to die sooner than us. You know cuz of his whole cancer that’s kicking him in the ass.

I am not laughing at the loss Catherine Zeta Jones and her family are going to feel. I’m a sensitive guy, even if I don’t really get phased by death thanks to my mother dying when I was just a little boy…throwing me into an existance worse than death…

I am just prepping for this hot pussy to be back on the market, lonely and sad, because if you are ever gonna have a chance to get in with her, this is gonna be your time, so work it.

I like Michael Douglas. I think he’s cool shit and based on Catherine Zeta Jones’ tight pants, I’d be more than happy to be his stand-in when he’s gone.

RIP in advance, cuz RIP after the fact is so useless since dead people aren’t knows for their reading abilities.

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  • hotforzetajones

    zeta jones will be lining up some serious cock for her widowhood and she deserves it!

  • cowbulls

    I like Michael Douglas. I think it is great that he has had the pleasure of using Catherine for the last several years. She is a world class talent.

    I also applaud the lucky men that will get her in the future because in addition to being a world class woman, she is barely used so that body is still probably really tight.

  • Bonzo

    Looks like she is going to Dominatrix class

  • Spiderbitch

    Every woman wants to be this ho because every woman has a widow fantasy