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Alyssa Milano and Jennifer Love Hewitt Kiss for the Homeless of the Day

This would have probably been exciting 15 years ago, when both these bitches mattered, before Jennifer Love got old and fat and Alyssa Milano got weathered and boring….Seriously, as if them doing homeless charities together wasn’t enough of an attempt to get the paparazzi to take a pic….staging these “almost” kissing pics is more desperate than two mom’s at a resort bar trying to get their husbands to notice them, but they are too busy checking out the young pussy that still matters.

I hate lightly humorous cries for attention, you know like “haha, we’re so silly and fun” kind of cries for attention. I like my bitches real desperate and willing to do things they never would have done when not desperate for attention, so these pics just piss me off. They are pathetic….but you are a loyal fan…and can’t get over these bitches….so here are the pics…

I am going to pass the fuck out now..

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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