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Emily Blunt for Vogue of the Day

Who the fuck is Emily Blunt and why aren’t I smoking her….I am not really sure why I am posting these pictures of her in Vogue, it’s not like she’s showing nipple, or half nipple, or quarter nipple or is anything that hot or special. If anything she’s fucking boring.

I have posted pictures of her Ass in Leggings a while ago, but that was as uneventful as these pictures leading to me forgetting whot he fuck this twat is.

She’s British. She dated Michael Bubles. She is married and those facts combines with these pictures just put the stamp of approval that she pretty much sucks…

Lucky for you, I am posting it anyway….

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  • Merel

    Sorry to dissapoint but that was for Harpers Bazaar UK.

  • testington

    um these pics are a few weeks old and not from Vogue.

  • M

    wow, youre an idiot stepfather.

  • Pebbles

    Do you live in your parent’s basement?