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Kate Major Outs Michael Lohan for Being a Cokehead of the Day


Marky Hutt, friend of Michael Lohan and New York Male escort is apparently out for revenge. He posted a recorded conversation with Michael Lohan’s on and off again fiance, Kate Major, where she calls him out for being a cokehead, not that any of that really matters….

I don’t know how legit this is, it doesn’t sound that legit to me, it sounds scripted, but why would anyone put the time into this shit, unless they were paid by Michael Lohan,

All I know about Kate Major is that she has fat tits….

I don’t like Michael Lohan, he’s an attention whore and totally uninteresting, he even tried to start shit with me in the past, cuz he’s insane, so it’s nice when that he gets called out for being a coke head, when he plays this religious representative who is higher than the average man on a spiritual level, when in reality he’s just higher than the average man thanks to drugs.

Who really cares about these bottom feeders and their drama, especially when the bitch on the phone is as fat as this pig, I only care about tasting Lindsay Lohan’s vagina…Maybe this will get me one step closer…

I know you don’t give a fuck about this, either do I, but I am posting it anyway cuz maybe other people do….other people being Entertainment Tonight, cuz I’ve always wanted up inside Mary Hart’s heart, and by heart I mean vagina.

I doubt this is my big breaking story….Scandal….cuz everyone wants to be famous…

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  • Ugggh

    Will the Lohans just please go away, their all losers.