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Gay Crackhead Pole Dances on the Street Corner of the Day

I don’t find this as funny as the dudes in the video do…I mean the only funny shit about this video is ow into this dude pole dancing they are…it’s like they are really into this motherfucker dancing around…giggling like horny school girls, so into that I’m pretty sure they may be comin’ around late night to pay him another dollar to suck their dicks….cuz when I see crackheads, gay or straight, I never try to direct them in some gay homeless man fetish videos…I’m more into getting them shitting in public…or creeping out girls…by chasing them around with their dicks…

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  • shitstains

    How the fuck did you manage to get your own website? your commentary is not funny or amusing or mildly entertaining. All you do is ramble on about stupid shit no one gives a fuck about.

  • faggot

    Um, all these fags that link their sites together are all terrible @ anything. No funny comments what so ever. It is fun however to browse these sites and read the bullshit and lies.