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Girl in Her Underwear Lets Dog Lick Her Underwear of the Day

Looks like I’m not the only bottom feeder….

I wasn’t going to post this because I thought it would get me arrested, it must be illegal but then I realized that I am not the person who put the video up, and really there’s far worse a person could be doing to a dog in video, like fucking it up its little dog ass, or making it fight with other dogs until death, I mean a girl liking the strength and ability of a tongue evolved to lick things out of the weirdest places, is weird, maybe a little disgusting, maybe a little inappropriate, but you’d be surprised with just how much some people love their pets, or how some people put their pets to work…It’s a sick world out there, and I’m just documenting it.

On a sidenote, I used to know a dude who let his dog lick his ass when he jerked off. I knew another girl would would let her dog lick up her boyfriends cum off her belly. And the urban legend of the woman and her peanut butter that I’ve heard in 14 countries in 8 different languages….meaning maybe playing with your dog’s been going on as long as people have had dogs..

We’ll never know…cuz dogs keep secrets.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    You know, I am not going to judge what a chick gets off on, far be it from me.

    But damn, that bitch has got some nasty dirty feet, and I am not even into feet.

    Wash those things when your dog is licking your clam bitch, that’s just gross.

  • J

    Fucking disgusting.

  • price geoffrey

    Now that is the shit I come to this site for!

  • Billdozer

    This video made me hard!

  • ZKoukla

    I let my dog lick my ass a couple times a week. TRUTH! It feels REALLY good, can you blame me? 🙂

    Anyone interested in licking my ass instead of my dog?

  • beavis

    Why do you think they’re called Fido, it’s from the latin Fidelus, which means skank licker.

  • I could smell her dumpster feet through my computer screen, but that was a hot video for sure.

  • cowbulls

    Animal abuse!!

  • something is going on with her left foot. looks retarded and deformed. and that little dog licking kitty was hot…especially when she spread her legs some more to give the fucker more access.

  • Titus Vorenus

    Very sexy! I could watch that for an hour. Just wish it wasn’t a little foo-foo dog, but instead, a Lab or Shepherd, a real dog with a bigger tongue. I once had a GF who started letting her yellow lab go down on her when was she was nine. She said he licked her to orgasm almost daily for ten years. Lucky dog!

  • Winnow

    Lovely ass

  • Winnow

    I’d love to. Call me so we can talk. Hope you are a girl with a tight ass.

  • Bob Bidder

    The dog can probably smell her cheesy cunt through the underwear…..he really liked the taste too….

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