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Diane Kruger Does GQ Naked of the Day

I don’t really know who Diane Kruger is. I just know she’s German and Germans like to get intense, agry, emotionless, demented sex with good engineering.

You know these are the people who just 65 years ago were doing tests on humans they deemed subpar because they were told to, making me assume they are a people that are pretty easy to get to convince to lick you’re asshole while you shit down their throat, you just have to tell them something convincing….like that if they don’t do it, they’re bad Germans….

Sure I don’t know much about the culture, but I’m working off logic here, and now their biggest crossover star from their world to ours since Heidi Klum, but then again I’m just saying that cuz I don’t know any other German’s off the top of my head, and this one is rockin’ GQ naked and amazing…and that’s good enough for me…

I don’t really know who Diane Kruger is, but here she is in some movie called Inhale – Naked….

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