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Some Immigrant Short Skirt Video of the Day

Here is a horribly shot video of some immigrants at some fast food place laughing at what could be a very hot girl in a skirt short enough to show off her ass cheeks…it’s possible that this short skirt wearing ass has an ugly as fuck monster face attached to it…or maybe even a penis…you know cuz its hard to make out in this shit….but the good news is that with a body like that….penis, bad face or not I’d eat that shit like it was a Big Mac…special sauce and all…..at least that’s what I tell myself while watching this shit from the safety of my soiled couch…I’m all talk…

The important message in this video is that all girls should wear skirts this lenght, including/especially school girls. Let’s start a trend that makes life a better place. It’s up to us.

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  • Al

    I agree with all girls wearing short skirts but should only be the hot ones!

  • bluesquid

    Nothing worse than the fake laugh of a bitch who couldnt pull that off.

  • c4266566

    Oh. I see, you can’t understand them so that makes them immigrants. They happen to be in Russia. Duh.

  • bobb

    fake laugh that lasts WAY too long…

    dead give-away

  • Da Troof

    Good to see that the USA hasnt cornered the market on jealous petty bitches

  • Ketielynn

    It is so sad to me is that this girl obviously wants the attention on her ass. She might not have realized her cheeks were actually hanging out but she purposely wore it short/short. What would make anybody think it is ok to do that? It says alot about our society today.