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Karolina Kurkova at Some Fashion Week Bullshit of the Day

In some fascinating bitches who get paid to pose in their underwear news…Karolina Kurkova is fucking tall, which is so shocking considering she’s a fucking model…and Max Azria, the designer/fashion billionaire she’s next to is short, which is shocking considering he’s a rich as fuck old man….It just makes for a pretty funny picture…one that allows us to really apprecaite just how much of a fucking freakshow these model bitches are, large fucking humans who if you were to encounter them off the stuck together pages of your Victoria’s Secret catalog, from an era before she got fired for being fat, before developing this eating disorder, you’d probably be less inclined to want to fuck her…you know cuz your dick is already small as is, sticking it next to a super-sized human’s vagina will just make you realize how lacking you are as man….

Either way, funny pics, that’s why I’m posting them

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  • beavis

    That top pic is crazy, looks like some X men shit, where she uses her vocal super powers to 86 that old man.