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Brittany Snow in Lingerie of the Day


I am only posting these pictures to further prove my point that Maxim is no longer on the ship, they have fallen overboard and are fucking drowning and for some reason, I take great pleasure in their irrlevance, maybe cuz they were cocky big shots back when the internet first started, maybe cuz they run after me with lawyers letters every time I post their boring pictures of non-celebrities cuz that’s all they can get, maybe it’s cuz they are assholes, maybe cuz I just like seeing people fail..

I mean Brittany Snow? Is Maxim now Dancing with the Stars of bottom feeders….you know a place where people who were once on TV go to get their picture taken in their underwear…

All I know is that it’s amazing…and the pictures of the no name bitch trying to be remembered aren’t even hot…did they lose their photographer and have to hire the Sears family portrait guy? I mean fuck…These are a joke…and I feel bad for Brittany Snow who clearly has potential, but instead of team make her do this garbage…

When they email me to take these pics that probably cost them 10 dollars to coordinate, suing me for 250,000 dollars, I’ll be sure to post the lawywers letter. Idiots should be thanking me for the exposure.


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  • die cunt!

    fuck maxim. it’s garbage and pasts its prime. shit was maybe cool for about 15 minutes in 2002, but now it’s just tripe and dribble.

  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    Hey maxim be bold and don’t photoshop her nips and poon out.