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Hayden Panettieres Little Cleavage of the Day

Hayden Panettiere sexed it up for some Boxing match she went to.

It’s one of those raised by a vain opportunistic whore and coming to terms with your destiny, but more importantly it’s gotta do with getting fucked hard by a massive man, who probably tears her pussy apart and makes her cum like a fountain, squirting everywhere, you know her 50-80 percent urine girls tell guys is female ejaculation, that one cup of coffee before making it happen, will prove to you it’s all piss and female ejaculation is a myth created by girls who wanted to feel like dudes with an exploding orgasm, it’s some lesbian shit…cuz girls who are getting properly fucked on the regular, tend to dress sluttier….girls who are getting their period also tend to dress sluttier…so maybe these pictures are just of her ovulating…

Point being, he’s Russian, a Boer and practically 7 feet tall, so even if he has a small dick for his size, it’s still probably still bigger than her head…and dude most intensely throw her the fuck around like a little fuck toy….Making them the circus freak couple….and here are her little tits on her little frame pullin some midget porn fantasies out of her Russian circus vagina…

Good times. Now stare at her strongman tits. FOLLOW ME

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I can picture those misshapen milk spigots and I want nothing to do with them.